Thursday, 27 May 2010

Win An Ambient Lounge Roma Sofa



We have teamed up with design guru website MyDeco to bring you this great competition. There are 4 Ambient Lounge Roma Sofa's in black up for grabs. Just answer the simple question on the competition page here.

For this Bank Holiday weekend only, you can also help yourself to a 10% discount on absolutely everything.

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Plus don't forget, Free UK Delivery is now available on orders of just £30.00 or more! UK Shipping Only on Ambient Lounge furniture.

Win this Roma Sofa from Ambient Lounge

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Friday, 28 August 2009

New Station Coming Soon

Beach House Radio will be bringing back BHR Terrazza for a full launch towards the end of 2009.

BHR Terrazza was test streamed back in early 2008 and included a slightly more up-beat chillout selection. The new station will be a mix of the same funkier, chillout, summer music, all advert free.

BHR Terrazza will only be availble to Premium Service subscribers of our main station and should be available from Sept/Oct.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank the continued support from our sponsors:

Homeware Company -
Online Global Dating - - for the latest BHR Terrazza info.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Ovetto Recycling Bins at Deffrye Museum Exhibition

The Ovetto Recycling Waste Bin, created by designer Gianluca Soldi, has been selected by the Geffrye Museum for inclusion in their exhibition Eco Home - October 2009 / January 2010.

Eco Home will offer visitors food for thought on what they can do to make small but important eco changes in their homes. At the same time they will be able to see that eco-friendly can also be chic and that aspiration towards good taste and design can go hand-in-hand with trying to help conserve the planet's resources. In fact, ecological design is now at the cutting edge of home design, with traditional products becoming ever more stylish.

Ovetto is a great example of this. The egg-shaped bin is divided into three compartments, each a different colour - for paper, plastic, cans and so on - and each compartment has a door for changing the bag and a small round lid at the top for dropping each item in. There is even a plastic bottle and can crusher on top to reduce the volume of the waste.

Ovetto Bins boast excellent green credentials in their own right. The external parts are made from ABS; the recycled ABS used for the white and coloured parts is 40-70% recycled industrial discard; while the recycled polypropylene used for the black parts inside is 100% recycled from end-user products like PCs, printers and so on.

The Ovetto Recycling Bins continue to be a favourite with Objekts customers throughout the UK and we wish them every success with the exhibition.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Beach House Radio For Bars/Stores/Shops etc

Just a quick blog entry to mention our Premium Service.

As you may know, we now run a premium service for just $4.00 per month. The service is available in either 128kbps audio or 192kbps. The 192kbps stream is absolutely awesome quality.

There are no adverts and no station idents - basically 100% music.

This means it is ideal for playing in shops, bars, clubs etc. Plus current music law in many countries will allow the playback of TV or radio services without the need to pay performance rights to your countries collection agency. (you will need to check local law depending on your own country)

For example, if you run a store in the UK and need some background music, you can use the Beach House Radio Premium Service without having to pay PRS royalties.

If you would like more information, please contact us at or to subscribe now for just $4.00 per month, then feel free to visit our website.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Listen on iPhone - Premium Service Launched

With thanks to the great guys at Shoutcast, you can now listen to Beach House Radio on your iPhone. Simply download the FREE Shoutcast App then search for "Beach House" to find us. Click on play and away you go. (Note: This is currently only available for listeners of the Free stream and only when streams are available).

As promised, we have now launched our Premium Service. As many regular listeners will know, our free service has now been running for nearly 3 years. Last year, costs were running so high we had to strip the service down to the bare minimum. So, while the free service is still available, there are only limited streams, which means you cannot always connect to your favourite station.

The new Premium Service gives you:

- Enhanced Audio Quality (192kbps as opposed 128kbps on the free stream)
- Advert Free
- Personal Guaranteed Stream
- Private Members Area (Coming Soon)

All this for just $4.00 per month - Listen Live

Pop over to the site now to find out more - Beach House - or why not check out the forum, a great place to ask questions and chat.

More build up to The Big Chill Festival 2009 next month.

Monday, 25 May 2009

New Beach House Forum

Stroll along to the new Beach House Radio forum. A place for music and chat.

BHR Forum

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Advertising Opportunities From $15.00

As regular readers of our blog and listeners to the station will know, back in October 2008 we were broadcasting to over 250,000 people each month. The cost of providing this many live streams became to crippling for our small, not-for-profit station and we could no longer finance so much from our own pockets.

At the beginning of 2009, we brought Beach House Radio back on a very limited budget. This has enabled us to provide a handfull of live streams to keep the station alive. However, now that our listeners are flocking back and finding us again, we are constantly maxing out our live streams. The only way we can provide enough for everyone to listen at any time is to raise enough cash to boost the amount of live streams we can produce.

Therefore, we have created some new advertising opportunities which you may be interested in if you own, run or look after a small company or retail store.






For further information, please email us -

If you do not wish to advertise but would like to help out, click on "Join Us"

Have a great week.

Coming Soon - News on this year's Big Chill Festival.